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​​LIFE BALANCE - Workshops

Awareness is the key to change. When we become the observer of our own life, we begin to see patterns and cycles that rule our life.  We begin to see how we react to certain stimuli or ignore our own needs.  When we learn how to listen to our body wisdom, we begin to trust ourselves to be our own best guide. This in turn creates an environment of trust around us.  
We can effectively set boundaries to maintain a balanced perspective on our path of purpose. Our relationships, success in life & inspiration to create & manifest our dreams open up when the space of trust is present.

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Wild Woman Empowerment Workshop  

With the rise of the Feminine being so much of the focus in modern times, we are looking to each other for guidance on what that means.  If we bring balance and strength into the power of the feminine, we create space for a balanced masculine to cultivate and be present.  
In this 3 hour workshop, we focus on educating women about their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual connections to their Wild Woman within.  We look at where we have given up our power, or had it taken away and how to reclaim it.  We create an environment of trust so all may feel good about the uniqueness of who we are.                        
Topics will include: self care, sex and intimacy, relationships, self confidence, setting boundaries, pushing boundaries, self love, orgasm, communication, goal setting and so much more.

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Couples Connection: Relationship & Intimacy Workshop  

Couples in times of stress or new beginnings need practical techniques and simple awareness tools to navigate and create healthy relationships.
This 3 hour workshop is a great date night alternative that will provide a healthy foundation to deepen connection, build intimacy and expand your experience! 

We invite couples to attend & learn techniques to enhance your relationship as well as your sexual life. You will learn how to increase your sensuality and confidence by connecting with your breath and body through yoga and massage, and use all five senses to honour the divine in yourself and your partner to build intimacy. Sexual techniques to increase pleasure and satisfaction for both of you will be discussed. Couples of all genders and orientations welcome.

The source material for this workshop comes from our popular Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program, as well as Celeste Lemieux's 15+ years working with people in regards to sex, sexuality, sexual dysfunctions, relationships (to self and others) and more. 

This 3 hour workshop will :                                                                                                                           
~ Enhance your Love and Sex life                                                                                                             
~ Understand Boundaries to Move Through them                                                                                      
~ Improve Communication
~ Identify Emotions to Let Go
~ Build Intimacy & Confidence with your Partner                                                                                   
~ Increase Pleasure & Satisfaction within your Relationship

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