Someone told me to get a life... so I did.

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Every single ‘title’ demonstrates Celeste’s creativity and initiative to cover the grassroots wellness needs of her community.
Celeste has broken many barriers with her businesses starting with Positive Passions.  In a world where sexual awareness, intimacy and love can be confused with pornography, exploitation and obscenity Celeste helps people celebrate their sexuality, starting with getting to know, respect and celebrate themselves first!  She has overcome many stereotypes and harsh judgement for this passion of hers.  Through her perseverance and knowing the difference she was making in others’ lives, her business succeeded.  Positive Passions has a reputation for being a place to go without judgement; it is a place to go for support; it is a place to go to get in touch with your innermost self that allows you to be your sexual self; it is safe.  People face many personal and internal conflicts with their sexuality.  In the welcoming embrace that Celeste provides they can start to explore what is natural, but society has depicted as taboo.  Celeste empowers a person to design their own comfort levels and growth through experiential sessions, workshops, retreats and intensives.  She is there as support in personal sessions and/or group sessions.  She is there for couples at every level of relationships and is a key person in helping couples learn how to relate and communicate to each other.
With the development of the Balance Within Wellness Centre, a feminine based business model of co-operation, collaboration and community, she has provided an opportunity as a business incubator for many people to start their careers in holistic wellness therapies.  She has founded the unique business ownership model which provides for the strength of many women to collaborate as owners, while maintaining their individuality and passion to be the best they can be.

~Jocelyn Davey-Hawreluik

Life Balance Sessions

I just had my first treatment with Celeste earlier this week and the shift in my clarity, energy, focus, and excitement is incredible. I highly recommend Celeste, or any of the Life Balance practitioners, for a treatment. Compassionate truth forms the foundation of this intuitive modality. THANK YOU!

- Natalie Dinsdale

Each time I have had a session... I am astounded. I learn so much that helps me along my path. Because of this... I am taking the training to learn this amazing healing art!! It definitely has increased my abilities and my gifts to give clients a more beneficial reflexology/energy treatment!! I am honored and blessed to experience this!

- Janet Dyer

Today I had what I feel to be the most profound experience since my woman empowerment vacation in March. It is truly a blessing to be learning from such an amazing woman (Celeste) and others during my transition into energy work. There are not enough words to be used to express my gratitude for my life.

- Chantal Durette

Celeste is truly gifted when it comes to energy and understanding the balance within. She opened my mind to a new possibility and the experience, as mentioned, was life changing!

- Dominique

Energetic Self Awareness and Tantric Development Series

Walking out of Balance Within with that much more understanding under my belt...For whom that sees, the invisible is just another side of the tangible realm. Thank you beautiful Celeste Lemieux.
- Anne Edith

Life Balance Practitioner Development and Certification Program

Taking the Life Balance Practitioner Program was one of the best decisions I've made: being able to offer Life Balance sessions has allowed me to use my gifts to help others, while also supporting my family. If you, or someone you know, live in or near Regina, SK, I highly recommend looking into this course. It's a great investment in yourself! Get in touch with Celeste Lemieux to learn more about becoming a Certified Life Balance Practitioner - you won't regret it!

- Alicia McKenny-Kirk

Wild Woman Empowerment Vacation 

Mexico, March 2015


“The WWEV was a gift to myself that I wouldn't have received any other way. I arrived a stressed out mess, cut off from my feminine & my intuition. Six days of hard work later, I'm leaving, feeling renewed, empowered and connected. Thank you Celeste and Afua!” 
- Ammy Murray

 “I cannot say enough about this amazing experience I had in Mexico with Afua and Celeste. Do your soul a favour and book this trip! It will be everything it needs to be and then some!!! The food, the group work, the company and the city of Valladolid are AMAZING!!! It truly helped me regain what I needed to step back on my own path and learn that walking my talk may be a bit scary but WORTH way more! I'm not as afraid as I once was and I will always be grateful for making the connections I did while on this trip!”
- Chantal Durette

 "No matter what shape you arrive in, you will certainly leave a better person inside and out! More energy, open awareness and self-love through other healing techniques such as breath work. 5 star vacation!!
- Shonna Campbell

 “I had such an amazing experience, that it's difficult for me to put it into words without writing an essay, lol. Not only do I truly feel stronger, and more in touch with myself, I made some wonderful sister-friends! It was just such a great package: a beautiful surrounding environment, a beautiful place to stay, wonderful hosts, wonderful facilitators, lots of unique experiences, workshops, techniques, healing, friendship, amazing food, nature, and so much more! If there's a part 2 in the future, I'll be going back!”
- Chantel Gralian