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Life Balance Session 

Life Balance Sessions help bring awareness to the root cause of the physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual stress that causes dis"ease" within the body. 
Stressful issues may include self-sabotage, lack of direction, fear of abandonment, inability to set boundaries or speak your truth, trust & financial issues and more. 
Utilizing intuitive, practical and energetic techniques, we let your body’s voice of intuition tell you what you need to know about the cycle of stress and what you can do about it. 
Energetic body work completes the session to help clear & balance the energy systems, increase vitality and set you up for a successful integration of the information you receive.

Offered by private in-person or online session and appointment only. (1-1.5hrs)
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Life Balance Couples Session

 A Couples Life Balance Session follows the same guideline and process as the individual sessions do.  However, these couples sessions are perfect to help balance and ground energies specific to the relationship and provide new tools or pathways to express and exchange energy within your relationship and with your beloved.

Offered by private in-person or online session and appointment only. (1-2hrs)​​​
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Relationship, Intimacy & Sexual Wellness Session    

People face many personal and internal conflicts with their sexuality.
In a world where sexual awareness, intimacy and love can be confused with pornography, exploitation and obscenity Celeste helps people celebrate their sexuality by educating them about the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects they need to know in order to respect and celebrate themselves first! 
In the welcoming space that Celeste provides, people can start to explore what is natural, but society has deemed taboo.  Celeste empowers a person to design their own comfort levels and growth through informational sessions & workshops as well as experiential retreats and intensives. She is there as support in personal sessions and/or group sessions, for people at every level of relationship and is a key person in helping couples learn how to relate and communicate to each other. 

Offered by private in-person or online session and appointment only. (1hr)​​​
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Energy Yoga 

This beautiful practice involves yoga postures, meditation and breathwork combined with energy assists to support you in opening your chakra centres, releasing stagnant energy, and surrendering deeply into your practice.  Facilitated by Celeste Lemieux & Special Guest Life Balance Practitioners at Positive Passions 716 2nd Avenue North, Saskatoon

Monday 6-7pm  
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Private in-person or online classes available 

Life is Simple & Easy...

LIFE BALANCE - Sessions 

Relax your way to wellness.

Stress is one of the highest contributing factors to physical, emotional and mental dis"ease".

Tension in the body restricts blood flow & nerve sensation while disconnecting us from balanced

emotions and clear thought processes.  

By relieving stress in the body, we relieve stress in the mind and clear a path for emotional wellness.

Select Sessions available online or in-person.