Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Certificate Program

Develope your intuitive capacities and subtle energy awareness with the Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Certificate Program. 

This course provides you with the foundation of practical tools and ethical responsibilities to read, clear, balance and channel energy for optimal health and wellness (for yourself & your clients). The 4 day program is enhanced with student mentoring and accountability from a healthy, growing community of Life Balance Practitioners & Mentors . 

* Do people come to you for guidance in their lives?
* Have you had experiences that are mysterious or unexplained? 
* Are you developing your non-scientifically observable capacities & need an ethical guide in       energy awareness?
* Do you already have certifications and want to expand the intuitive & professional           application?

This 20 hr Professional Development program will teach you the Life Balance System of energy reading & awareness, guidance, clearing and balancing. 

Learn to: 
~ Understand types of gifts, systems and tools
~ Access clear intuition & channel for highest purpose
~ Read, Translate & Clear energy within the body
~ Maintain energetic boundaries & protections
~ Walk your talk with TRUE SELF CONFIDENCE. 

After 20 documented sessions, & a final assessment session with your Life Balance Mentor,
you will be certified as a Life Balance Practitioner.

~ Assessment Session
~ Life Balance Practitioner Program (20hrs) 
~ 1 Leadership Mentoring Session (post instruction)
~ Scheduled Practice & Development Meetups (with your Practitioner Community)
~ Program Booklet & Reference Material 
~ Final Examination (on your mentor)

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for New Students or Refresher for Previous Students

Dates 2019/20:
Saskatoon, SK ~​  Oct. 24th, 25th (7-10pm), 26th, 27th (10-5pm)

​                             Nov. 28th, 29th (7-10pm), 30th, Dec. 1st (10-5pm)


                             May 28th, 29th (7-10pm), 30th, 31st (10-5pm)

Cayo, Belize ~   March 18th-22nd, 2020 at Spiral Inn Belize

Offered by pre-registration & private sessions.         

Life Balance Mentor & Leadership Development Program  
Are you ready to:                                                                                                                
  • Take the next step in Personal and Professional Development
  • Experience Clear Connection with Truth                                         
  • Increase your Health, Wealth & Worth 
  • Deepen your Ability to create Manifested Change
  • Address & Release the Fears that keep you from Balanced Success
This 1 Year Intensive Program shares the Life Balance Development System approach to
Client and Student Leadership, Mentoring & Program Facilitation.

~ Create a career that is based on Clarity, Community, Empowerment, Ethics and Wellness.      
~ Walk your Path of Purpose with Passion & True Self Confidence                                                                                                             
This program will bring you to a level of professional mastery through an exploration of 116 different leadership and subtle energy awareness topics, that will empower you to follow truth & face your fears as you facilitate Life Balance Practitioner Programs professionally.                                                                               
Certification Program Includes:
4 -Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Programs * 
1 -Self Awareness Development Program **
8 -1:1 Mentoring Sessions (In-person & Online)

8 -Group Mentoring/PracticeSessions (In-person & Online)
1 -Week Belize Jungle Mentor Intensive***
& Ongoing Accountability, Community & Support

Requirements for Mentor Certification:
  • Complete Certification as a Life Balance Practitioner
  • Complete the 1 year Mentorship Program & Hot Weather Intensive
  • Complete a 2 Hour Verbal Exam
  • Facilitate 1 Life Balance Practitioner Program (Observed)

* Receive Credit towards Mentor Program at Student Pricing if you have completed a Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program previously with a Certified Life Balance Mentor.  Must complete a minimum of 2 in-person Life Balance Practitioner Programs with Celeste Lemieux to qualify for Mentor Certification.

** Receive Credit towards Mentor Program at Student Pricing if you have completed the Self Awareness Development Program with Celeste previously.

*** 1 Week Belize Intensive held at Spiral Inn Belize 
(accommodations, food, transportation & base experiences included, airfare separate)

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Life Balance Self Awareness Development Program

Personal Responsibility is a Huge Factor in our Personal Path of Healing! 

This 3 day Self Development Program will help us to understand what co-dependency & personal responsibility looks like. We take the time to look at some of our fears as opportunities to create change. As we learn about ourselves, we also learn tangible ways to be able to express our needs or boundaries clearly and with confidence. 

The Life Balance Development System workshop series will:
~Explain the concept of subtle energy awareness within the body & its involvement in the daily functions of life.
~Utilize the 5 senses & the breath to experience what energy feels like & what the locations in the body correlate to emotionally, physically, intellectually and for some, spiritually. 
~Show you how to recognize energy blockages & how to move through and release them.
~Utilize practical tools and your own belief systems to improve well-being in your life.

Level 1 - Energy & The Self 

What is Life Force Energy?
How do we become aware of our own Subtle Energy Vibrations?
How does Energy move within the body or become stagnant?
What do the different vibrations of Energy mean for us personally?
How do we use this awareness to find balance in life? 
Practical tools provided to help overcome challenged areas.
Intention, Practice, Prayer, Ritual and Ceremony
Meditation and Yoga 

Level 2 - Energy And Another

Ethics of sharing energy
Energy and Connection
Extention and Transmutation
Giving and Receiving
Partnered yoga and physical practices.

Level 3 - Sexuality & Energy

Steps to Sexual Connection and Responsibility
Consent to Create Loving Experiences
Sex-ercises, Diet and Aphrodisiacs
Communicating Sexual Needs
Creating your Sacred Space
Sexual Anatomy & Physiology
Foreplay, Types of Orgasms & Positions
Transitions through Sexuality 

Scheduled Dates: 2019

Saskatoon, SK ~   Nov. 24th, Dec. 6th, 7th ( 10 to 4pm daily)

Cayo, Belize ~ February 26th to March 1st /20  4 People Max  $1300 CDN plus Airfare


3 day Program: Register Now

Contact Celeste Lemieux directly to register or to schedule a private or group Life Balance Development Series. 
clemieux@sasktel.net or 306-651-7227

Couples Connection Relationship & Intimacy Development Series

Couples in times of stress or new beginnings need practical    techniques and simple awareness tools to navigate and create healthy relationships.  ~ Mama Celeste

 6 Month Program 
☆ 1 In Person Session with Celeste per month
☆ 1 Area of Focus per month
☆ Relationship Development Exercises
☆ Self Awareness Practices
☆ Practical, Easy to Do Steps
☆ Ongoing Support & Monthly Check-ins
☆ Affordable 

Each month we have one area of focus that the couple will develop. At the end of each segment, we check in to find the areas of strength and opportunities to grow.

The areas of focus are:
1. Breath and Connection 
2. Concentration and Focus 
3. Postures or Positions in Life
4. Visual Displays of Love
5. Gestures or Acts of Kindness
6. Words Spoken that Develop Love & Intimacy
7. Sexual Union as an Expression of Love.

These areas are based on ancient Tantric Teachings and the Art of Sacred Union with a modern approach for our current times.
We book your 7 sessions based on mutual availability approximately 3 weeks apart and they run 1-2 hours based on the needs of the couple.

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