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Life Balance Practitioners

Offer Life Balance Sessions to help bring awareness to the root cause of the physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual stress that causes dis"ease" within the body. 
Stressful issues may include self-sabotage, lack of direction, fear of abandonment, inability to set boundaries or speak your truth, trust & financial issues and more. 
Utilizing intuitive, practical and energetic techniques, we let your body’s voice tell you what you need to know about the cycle of stress, and what you can do to change it. 
Energetic body work completes the session to help clear & balance the body & mind, increase vitality and set you up for a successful integration of the information you receive.

*Certified Practitioners have completed a 20 session practicum and final exam session with their Life Balance Mentor.

Life Balance Mentors
Offer the Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program which help develop the subtle energy awareness, intuitive capacities, ethical responsibilities and professional guidelines to offer this and other energy therapy modalities.
The course provides you with a foundation of practical tools and experiences to read, clear, balance and channel energy for optimal health and wellness (for yourself & your clients). The 4 day development program is enhanced with student mentoring and accountability from a healthy, growing community of Life Balance Practitioners & Mentors. 

*Certified Mentors have completed a year long development program, 1 week Intensive, 2 hour Verbal Exam and have successfully facilitated an evaluated Life Balance Intuitive Practitioner Program. 

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Development, Community, Accountability

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Life Balance Certified Mentors

Celeste Lemieux - Life Balance Founder, Mentor & Practitioner; Sexual Wellness Educator, Tantric Educator and Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner. 

Offering In-Person  -Saskatoon & Belize or Online

Selene Morales Serrano - Life Balance Certified Mentor & Certified Practitioner; Energy Practitioner, Facilitator and Guide at Weavings of a Mystic 

Offering In-Person - Victoria or Online

Bernice Rahm - Life Balance Certified Mentor & Certified Practitioner; Founder at The Ring Lord

Offering In-Person - Victoria

Rachel Miera - Life Balance Certified Mentor & Certified Practitioner; Small Business Owner at Rachel Miera Esthetics 

Offering In-Person - Colorado or Online

Life Balance Mentors - In Practicum

Theresa Tree - Life Balance Mentor  & Certified Practitioner; Cultivation Assistant at CanniMed
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, SK

Mallory Dawn - Life Balance Mentor  & Certified Practitioner; Yoga Instructor at Modo Yoga Saskatoon
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon or Online

Clarise Bryson-Kachur - Life Balance Mentor  & Ceritified Practitioner; District Manager Quarks
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon

Life Balance Certified Practitioners

Tamara Gardypie - Life Balance Practitioner; 

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon or Online

​Leanne Marin - Life Balance Practitioner;

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 


Krysta Arsenault - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at SoulThera

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon

Courtney Alissa Kachur - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at Reiki/Life Balance/Guidance
Offering In-Person Sessions - Victoria, BC or Online​

​Kyerra Pooyak Baptist - Life Balance Practitioner; 
Offering In-Person Sessions -  Saskatchewan

Life Balance Practitioners - In Practicum 

Marina Cummins  - Life Balance Practitioner; Owner at Mindful Living. Mind, Body and Spirit Healing.

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon

Patricio Del Rio - Life Balance Practitioner; Visionary at Delriocreative

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon 

Janice Gonzo - Life Balance Practitioner; Cashier at Saskatoon Co-op
Not currently offering Sessions

Lisa V Kusch - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at Graduate School of Behavioral Health Sciences
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sandra Baker- Life Balance Practitioner; Reiki Sessions; Medicine Card Readings.
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon

Natali Mitrofanov - Life Balance Practitioner; 

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Nicole De Gooijer - Life Balance Practitioner; University of Saskatchewan

Not currently offering Sessions

Dawn Deguire - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at Owner, Truth Inside Wholistic Coaching & Healing
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Daphie Pooyak - Life Balance Practitioner; First Nation, Traditional teacher, cultural presenter, arts, and dance at Eaglewoman Consulting

Offering In-Person Sessions - International

Janice Davis - Life Balance Practitioner; works at Reflexology and foot care, Retired Nurse
Not currently offering Sessions

Greta Camsell - Life Balance Practitioner; 
Not currently offering Sessions - Saskatoon, SK

Cara Dawn - Life Balance Practitioner;
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Petra Rees - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at Access Consciousness & Akashic Record Readings
Not currently offering Sessions - Regina, Saskatchewan

Kimberley Sawatzky - Life Balance Practitioner; Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator and Body Proccessor at Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator And Practitioner

Offering In-Person Sessions - Kindersley, SK or Online

Kimberly Wylie - Life Balance Practitioner; Entrepreneur at True U Tattoo & Creationz Inc.
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Kiera Brooke - Life Balance Practitioner; Housekeeping at The Crossing Resort
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Michelle MyBelle - Life Balance Practitioner; Works at Mother to 6 sons and 6 daughters

Not currently offering Sessions. 

Amanda Hamilton Cisecki - Life Balance Practitioner; Balfour Collegiate

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Kayla Dawn Morin - Life Balance Practitioner; Founder at Mamas To Be

Offering In-Person Sessions - Toronto, ON

Maya Branyik Thornton - Life Balance Practitioner; medicine woman at Maya Faye
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Lee Ann East - Life Balance Practitioner; 
Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Melissa Frederick - Life Balance Practitioner; Empowerment Photographer at Melissa Frederick
Offering Online Sessions - Dallas, TX ​

Sally Mitchell - Life Balance Practitioner;

Offering In-Person Sessions - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

Anita Roach - Life Balance Practitioner; Institute of Integrated Nutrition

Offering In-Person in Saskatoon, Sk or online