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Personal Development Intensive

Spiral Inn Belize

This 1 Week Personal Development Intensive or 1:1 Personalized Journey guided by Celeste Lemieux will provide the space to see the potency of your own practical & magical influences in your life. 
Experience the wisdom of the land of Belize and the elements to find deep transformation and more clarity on your path.  See the union of the opposites at work in our natural environment to find more balance within your own masculine and feminine influences. Face your Fears & Desires to develop the confidence to create the life you always dreamed of.

My intention is to provide grounded support, added awareness, new tips and techniques, and soft place to land for you on your journey. An option for you is to book additional services, such as a Life Balance Session with me, along with a week of support, accountability and easeful integration to enhance the abilities you already have. 

Individual Initiation by Design
Mastermind/Retreat Group (4 people max)  

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*Airfare not included
All meals, excursions, airport shuttle and experiences included.
Register with $550 deposit 
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Mama Celeste's Man Camp Intensive

Spiral Inn Belize

An increasing number of men are becoming aware of their desire for balance and a sense of inner completeness that comes through the union of the inner Masculine and Feminine. Many men have been witnessing and holding space for their feminine companions while they break through and re-build in a strength and stable foundation of self-reliance and trust in the flow of life. 

Now it is time for the masculine to be held in that space as they breakdown old belief systems and patterns of behaviour, break through fear and self imposed restrictions to build up a new self perception and way of being in this world.
Through what was a presentation of chaos, came order. 

Confidence ~ Stamina ~ Fear ~ Anger ~ Expectations ~ Protection ~ Truth ~ Providing ~ Listening ~ Sharing ~ Reactions ~ Communication ~ Holding Space ~ Courage ~ Sacrifice ~ Respect ~ Strength ~ Boundaries ~ Balance ~ Giving ~ Receiving ~ Connection ~ Trust ~ Visioning ~ Wisdom ~ Leadership ~ Manifestation 

This experiential week long intensive for men will offer:   
~Life Lessons from the Fire
~Navigating Emotional Thunderstorms
~Respect for your Noble Heart
~Silence is Golden
~Fear & Desire on the Path of Love
~Full Moon Ceremony

March 4th to 8th, 2020

*Airfare to Belize City not included
The stay at Spiral Inn Belize, meals, excursions, airport shuttle and experiences included.
Register with $550 deposit 
contact for more information or to register 
Max 4 Male Identified Persons

Wild Woman Empowerment Intensive

Spiral Inn Belize

With the rise of the Feminine Principles being an important focus in modern times, we are looking to each other for guidance on what that means.
When we lead others by example instead of competition or conquest, honor natural rhythms & cycles, follow dreams & visions, nurture & heal self, share traditions & stories and utilize gifts & talents, we honor the strength of the feminine.  
By healing the wounded feminines hostility, anger, manipulative ways or separatist attitude we bring balance and strength into the power of the feminine, while we create space for a balanced masculine to cultivate and be present. 
This retreat is designed to add to your understanding & abilities, forge new trails for personal growth & healing as well as leave you feeling great in your body & mind and ready to step forward as your Wild Woman Self.  
Freedom  ~  Vulnerability ~ Fear ~ Protection ~ Trust ~ Self Worth ~ Inner Strength ~  Vision    Intuition ~ Communication ~ Boundaries ~ Sexual Energy ~ Body Image ~ Self Confidence  Celebration ~ Authenticity ~ Relationships ~ Sisterhood~ Truth ~ Trust ~ Union ~ Goals 

4 Days of Instruction  &  Designed Daily Outdoor Experiences                                             * Daily Yoga & Meditation
* Breathwork
* Group Medicine Circles
* Excursions
* Wild Womanhood Teachings
* Delicious Healthy Food

February 5th-9th, 2020 

The Stay at Spiral Inn Belize, all meals, excursions, airport shuttle and experiences included.
*Airfare to Belize City not included
Register with $550 deposit 
contact for more information or to register 
Max 4 Female Identified Persons
*Other expenses include snacks/souveniers as you personally require. 

​​Ceremony by Design

There are Rites of Passage (such as weddings and funerals) that we go through in our life that we would like to commemorate with sacred ceremony. These ceremonies may include our family, friends or community in a public, formal or semi-formal way.  

Through a series of meet ups, we clearly outline your vision and work through any of the challenges that may arise as a result of your commitment to your Rite of Passage.  I will help you create the foundation and container for your sacred ceremony and officiate it with your style and personality in mind.  

Types of Initiation Ceremonies might include: first moon, mother/fatherhood, birthing, naming ceremony, relating-ship, commitment, sexual union, honoring/initiating the masculine, honoring/initiating the feminine, inner strength, sisterhood/brotherhood, family constellations, ethereal wisdoms and gifts and is only limited by your own imagination.

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​​​​​​​​LIFE BALANCE - intensives & Vacations

~ Have you ever wanted to experience your own Shamanic Intensive or Trans-formative Journey? 
~ Do you want to create your own initiation or Rite of Passage?
~ Do you want a trusted guide to officiate your ceremony or commemoration?
~ Would you like to add a deep healing aspect to your already fantastic Mastermind or Retreat group              without all the extra work?

Initiation into your Rite of Passage, designed by You...