Celeste Lemieux

Dreamweaver of Positive Passions Boutique (Owner 2005)

Life Balance Development System (Founder 2014) 

Life Balance Mentor & Practitioner,

Reiki, Access Bars Practitioner, 
Sexual Wellness Educator, Public Speaker

"Awareness creates manifested change."   ~celestelemieux.com

Celeste Lemieux is the dreamweaver & proud owner of Positive Passions Boutique in Saskatoon, where she has been promoting Positive Sexuality & Healthy Lifestyles, since opening the doors in 2005.  

Through Positive Passions, Celeste has been an active supporter of many individuals & communities that spread the concepts of diversity, empowerment, health and sexual wellbeing. Her background and education in the areas of anatomy & physiology, human sexuality, psychology, sacred sexuality, yoga & traditional healing have opened up opportunities in conference & workshop forums, to share this wisdom with people for over 15 years. Access to information ranging from sex & disabilities issues, sexuality & the palliative process & empowerment for the abuse survivor to Tantra, transitions through sexual beliefs and expanding your sexual experience helps empower people to make educated decisions about their own well-being.

Since 2008, Celeste has been offering Personalized Sessions, Mentor & Leadership Programs, Couples Connection Relationship & Intimacy Development as well as Retreats and Intensives to help empower others with simple awareness tools to find a deeper sense of balance within their lives. 

The Life Balance Development System was first launched in 2014 and now provides a stable foundation and business model to Practitioners & Facilitators in the areas of Personal, Professional, Lifestyle or Spiritual Development . 

Community Involvement:
~Sabex Award Nominee 2009

~Athena Leadership Award Nominee 2016 & 2017

~Broadway Business Improvement District 3 years - Held position of Chair for 2 years while on Board
~ Over 10 years of Pride Sponsorship - helping to create events for the organization to raise funds and awareness.
~5 years of community sponsorship support with a portion of her business revenues.
~2004 Sask Global Disabilities Conference - provided an informational booth and resources for people with all forms of disabilities to enhance and/or overcome the challenges with sexual and intimate relationships
~Workshop Speaker at 2011 Sask Palliative Care Conference in Stoon, presenting sexuality in Palliative care
~Workshop presentation for the clients of SARBI (Sask Acquired Rehabilitation Brain injuries) on self-love, self-care including sexuality and intimacy
~Work with local 1st Nations people facilitating healing camps & weekend empowerment workshops 
~Saskatoon Health Region - invited in to be a regular guest speaker to the Fire within Group  for women reintegrating into society due to their own personal challenges, also the Oasis group for Men and Women
~Member of Women's Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan
~Was asked and welcomed to speak at SYPE
~Approached and quoted in Star Phoenix The Un-couples Generation Speaks out - Feb 2012

~Approached and assisted in article that was published in Planet S Feb 2012 - Looooove!  Writen by Lisa Johnson
~Community Initiative Speaker on many different topics available for anyone - community awareness
~Expert in video of Sexual considerations of aging by Karaas Tiffin, released on Shaw Cable 10
~Numerous TV and radio guest appearances and interviews for various published articles.


Small Beginnings


For as long as I can remember, I've experienced a sensation that can only be described as "cotton candy" coming out of my hands.  I had no idea what it was. However, I did noticed that when I put my hands on my family, they exhaled and completely relaxed.  It was years later, while I was holding my Mom's hand during the process of her death, that I felt the sensation of her energy drain from her body into my hand and arm. This was my "a ha"  moment.  I realize that the "cotton candy" sensation was energy and that energy can be moved and transferred from person to person. After a period of time, to move through the grieving process, I sought out the guidance of some trusted members of my community who work with energy.  They offered me some tips and techniques on how to get started and this began my journey into offering energy reading, clearing and balancing.  

During the first 2 years, I worked only with the energy field.  However, there was a constant awareness of messages that were coming through for my client.  Because I was still building trust and self confidence in my offerings, I didn't deliver these messages.  My thoughts were that these people would think I was crazy; and how could I even know that stuff anyway.  But the messages wouldn't stop.  So, with some serious hesitation, I started to deliver the channeled messages.  To my surprise (and my clients as well), they were accurate and relevant to their healing process.  Now, I don't edit, I just pass on the messages that your body, guides, passed over loved ones or voice of intuition wants me to say.  

After having worked with thousands of clients over the years, I am now being asked to teach others how to do what I do.   So, with support and guidance from Creator (or whoever you call your higher power) I am offering training in the "Life Balance" system of energy awareness.   I understand that we all have our unique gifts, and love to help empower others to become aware of and bring more self confidence to offering their most Authentic Self to the World.



Copyright Celeste Lemieux. All rights reserved. 

Someone told me to get a life... so I did.

​​​To My teachers of all things unseen...

Thank You.

AuKeeRa Rayne, Justin Andres, Patricia Louis Smith, Swami Vivekananda, Ryan Leier, Khayyam Wakil, Taylor Lemieux, Angelene Wiebe, Gabriella Rose, Therese Bourget, Maurice Bourget, Nicholas Walkley, Allison Braun, Sharon Baldock, Paul Donauer, Daphie Pooyak, Bob Smoker, Kaariina Saarinen, Roy & Susan Barnes, Afua McLaren, Randy Jones, and my students... who keep me on track and accountable.

... and to my Family & Friends who have stuck by me through each trauma, tragedy or bump in the road.  You know who you are.


​Celeste Lemieux