Welcome to White Fire Energy Awareness

When we know, understand and love all aspects of self, 

we no longer run from our own true nature

& can be all we are in our authentic purpose. ~Mama Celeste  

* clear old patterns, belief systems, emotions or blockages *
* bring clarity to your authentic path of purpose *
* build self confidence, better health, balanced relationships or success in life *
* commit to creating manifested change through self awareness & personal responsibility *


* a practical, effective, vibrational approach to create change in the emotional, mental & physical bodies *
* utilizing intuitive, energetic, psychic, tantric, yogic, shamanistic & indigenous technologies *
* personal, professional, relational & spiritual mentorship*
* a supportive platform to offer your intuitive or psychic abilities*
* diverse, authentic, like-minded people to grow with *
*a potent catalyst for expansion & personal growth *

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​​Awareness creates ​​​​​​​​​​​manifested change.       ~Celeste Lemieux

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If you are expecting a magic spell that will cure your ailments... you won't find it here.

You will, however, find truth... which will set your "dis"ease free.  ~Mama Celeste